Drew Boylhart February 2008
John Greco   OT   Toledo
John has excellent size, strength and mental toughness to be an NFL offensive lineman. He shows decent quickness out of his stance and does a good job moving his feet.  John is an efficient lineman who is a smart player who doesnít get fooled more than once by a move.  He is powerful and does a solid job blocking for both the run and the pass.  John is ready for the NFL.  He plays with good technique and does not panic when he gets beat on the first move.  He understands how to recover without getting penalized.  John is going to help the team that drafts him right away and should become a core player for the team that drafts him. 
John does not have the lateral agility to play LT at the next level.  There is no doubt in my mind that he can play all the other line positions and will do a good job at all of them. 
 Johnís best position will be as a RT at the next level.  He could play LG and do a very good job also, but I think his natural fit will be at the RT position.  If a team likes to pull their guards a lot, John can do that; however, you would just be abusing the kid and expecting him to do something athletically that he just doesnít have enough foot speed to accomplish.  John is a powerful blocker and your running game is going to benefit big time having him on the line.  He is quick and strong enough to be a LG.  Therefore, when you draft John, you will be drafting an offensive lineman that can play multiple positions and play them well.  John has Pro Bowl written all over him and a long career being considered one of the better lineman in the NFL.  You will never be sorry drafting a player with Johnís athletic skills, work ethic and intelligence to play the game.