Drew Boylhart February 2008
John Sullivan   OC   Notre Dame
John is an excellent center and the best one in this draft because he can play against any style of defensive front.   He can hold his ground against the bull rush, but has the athleticism to slide and help out.  He also has the athletic agility to go to the next level to block a LB.  He has quick enough feet to pull and trap without getting hung up.  John is quick out of his stance and can handle the shotgun snap without a problem.  He shows good leadership skills and this year, as his teammates struggled around him, John showed leadership skills and patience well beyond his years.     
John will have to build up his upper body to handle the strength of the DT’s he will go up against.  But he is smart and does understand that leverage and techniques are offensive centers’ best friends.   
John has the talent and brains to start right away for the team that drafts him, but he really should just sit and learn and get bigger for a year or two as he backs up his teammates and learns the ropes.  John is going to be an excellent center and the truth is that most of the other centers in this draft are system centers, but John can play against any style of front you want to throw up against him.  Most “experts” are going to suggest to you that because John was on a team that struggled this year, he’s not a very good center; nothing could be further from the truth.  Good players come from struggling college teams all the time and to suggest that a player is not as good one year from the next because his team struggled one year and did not struggle before is ridiculous.  John did not get worse from last year to this year because his team was not as good.  Scouts and GM’s that insist he did are just not thinking correctly or looking at the film objectively.  The truth is John is smart, uses excellent techniques and leverage and has the athleticism to play his position at a high level for the team that drafts him.  What he lacks more than anything is playing strength.  As soon as he builds himself up you will have a Pro Bowl offensive center.   My guess to what round John will be drafted in will depend on his workouts, but a smart team will not let him drop into the 4th round if they need a future Pro Bowl center.