Drew Boylhart February 2008
Johnny Dingle   DE   West Virginia 
One of the best kept secret DEís in this draft is this kid.  He has good size, speed and strength to go along with a great burst off the line of scrimmage.  He has football smarts and understands how to set up an offensive lineman for the big sack at the most important part of a game.  Johnny looks like he is a good teammate and will do the grunt work as well as the flashy stuff so long as somebody gets the sack.  John has the strength and size to be used on the inside in passing downs.  He is a very underrated DE at this stage of the draft, but I believe after the workouts that he will move up in the eyes of the scouts and GMís.   
Right now, Johnny lacks the mental strength and stamina to play a full NFL schedule at the level his talents suggests that he can play.  He has to get in better shape and needs to work more on his quickness and different pass rush skills.  He also has to get stronger to hold up to the double team.  In short, Iím not sure of Johnís work ethic and my guess is that the scouts are not sure either.    
Johnny has some excellent developmental skills to become a strong side DE in a 4-3 defense.  He is a natural pass rusher and does a good job holding up against the run.  He can play either side of the line and when he is let loose in a pass rushing situation, he can become a hand full.  Johnny does lack the quickness of a true pass rusher, but he makes up for it with instincts and football maturity.  Most scouts are going to suggest that they donít feel that there is much more growth potential in Johnnyís game, but I disagree.  He is a smart kid -- a survivor -- and he will find a way to improve and become a core player for the team that drafts him.  I have a feeling that he might not be a good practice player because of his lack of stamina and mental strength and, in my gut, I feel that is what is holding scouts back from pushing this kid.  I can see their point.  I have this pinging going on in my head right now that is suggesting that very same thing.  But we shall see.  This is another kid that once he gets drafted just might start to take his talent more seriously than he has in the past and if he does, someone is going to draft themselves a hell of a DE.