Drew Boylhart February 2008
Jonathan Stewart   RB   Oregon        
Jonathan has excellent size, strength and speed to be a top flight RB at the next level.   He does a good job catching the ball out of the backfield and is strong in catching the ball down the field.   He has the athleticism to be used in multiple positions and in any type of offense.  Jonathan reminds me a lot of Shaun Alexander (RB Seattle Seahawks).  He has the speed to turn the corner and the size to run inside. 
Jonathan does not run with an attitude, nor get the tough yards.  Like Franco Harris and Shaun Alexander, his size is deceiving.  This is not enough to not pick him in the first round, but the team that drafts him should note it.  Jonathan is also not a good blocker and that will have to improve.  Jonathan has been injured a lot and seems to have difficulty playing when he is hurt. 
Jonathan is a very talented player; however, you must realize when drafting him that, in the red zone, you might have to bring in a back that is tougher and a better blocker until Jonathan gains more experience.  He has the potential to be a franchise back, but he was in a spread offense and ran mostly outside the tackles.  He does not know how to set up his blocks and is not good at reading defenses, but the kid does have the talent to do all of those things.  Jonathan is going to take some time and patience to reach his potential, but I think he is worth the wait.  Itís hard to tell for sure if Jonathan can run tough between the tackles because of being in a spread offense.  I think he has the ability to play in any style of offense, he just needs time to be developed.  He does have to learn to play hurt and that could be a big problem in the future.  There are numerous good, fast RBís in this draft and to be honest we might see some RBís drop because you can take your pick at any time and not worry that you are going to miss out on drafting a potentially good back.  Jonathan will work out and will show his athletic talent.  With his size-speed ratio, Jonathan will be one of the backs in this draft that teams are going to want to pick really early.  I hope that they will wait and give him time to develop because he does have some excellent potential to be a franchise back for the team that drafts him.