Drew Boylhart February 2008
Jordy Nelson   WR   Kansas St      

Jordy reminds me a lot of Ed McCaffrey (former WR Denver Broncos).  He is a possession WR with excellent hands and very good quickness in and out of his breaks.  Jordy is the type of WR who has to run precise routes or it will drive him crazy.  He adjusts well to the ball when it is in the air and understands situational football.  Jordy is a QBs dream come true because he will do anything to get open and make a play at the biggest moment of a game.  I call him Jordy (Monk) Nelson because, on the field, Jordy is possessed with making sure he is open when he runs his routes just like Adrian Monk is possessed with solving a crime.   
Jordy is not fast enough, strong enough, big enough or flashy enough to be an NFL WR.  However, he is good enough to be a core player, fan favorite and the type of WR that whatever team he is on will go to multiple Super Bowls.  He does have to get stronger so that he can get more run after catch yards.  Jordy is not going to help you much on special teams in the return game and that will bother some teams when looking at him.  It might even cause him to drop to the later rounds in this draft. 
In this draft, it would not surprise me to see Jordy drop a bit because of all the WRs, but he is as good as any possession WR in this class.  His route running is the best in this class and you have no idea what that means to a QB when he is able to rely on a player running the same route all the time no matter what else is happening on the field.  Just ask Eli Manning what it means to the passing game when he finally got a TE who would run consistent routes this year.  Jordy is so good at running routes that, if during a game, he reads a blitz coming and knows that he has to cut off his route, he will even make sure he cuts his route off in the same way so that his QB knows where he will be.  He will impact eventually in any kind of offensive system and with any style of QB.  I feel that if he is drafted by a team who has a strong armed, accurate QB that he will impact right away.  Like I said, Jordy is possessed with running his routes precisely to free himself up to catch the ball.  Ed McCaffrey was taken for granted when he played, but if you look at his record, you will see that John Elway never took him for granted.  He loved the guy.  Jordy (Monk) Nelson will be that same style of WR for the team that drafts him -- you can bet on it.  Just like you can bet that Adrian Monk will solve his next crime.  Its a guarantee.