Drew Boylhart April 2008

Josh Barrett   S   Arizona St   



Josh has the size and athletic talent to play more than one position at the next level.  He does a good job at the college level as a safety because he has solid speed and some coverage abilities.  Josh looks like he is a very good teammate and has been a core player for his college team.    



Josh is a bit of a tweener.  He does not have the change of direction skills to be a true safety at the next level.  He doesn't have the size or tackling skills to be a LB at the next level.  He also lacks the instincts and reaction skills at this point of the draft to be a successful starter at either position.     



Josh looks to me like he could be a very good special teams player.  As soon as he settles on one position at the NFL, hopefully he can improve his instincts and reaction skills as well.  He also has to play smarter and understand the big picture when defending.  The big issue for me is that he has to improve his tackling.  If he can do this, then he should be able to find a spot on a roster and be very effective.  I like this kid because he does have talent, but he must improve his tackling.  His work outs will be outstanding and his size will attract a lot of teams to maybe draft this kid higher than he should be drafted.  If he tackles and plays good special teams, he could hang on until he develops at safety or LB.