Drew Boylhart February 2008
Josh Johnson   QB   San Diego
Josh is a QB who happens to be an excellent athlete -- not the other way around.  He has excellent arm strength, good size and can throw on the run as well as make plays from the pocket.  He is a smart player and has this infectious way about him that just makes the players around him better.  Josh has franchise QB potential because he has good accuracy to go along with that strong arm; he can make all the throws at the next level.  Josh has been taught a little bit about how to read defenses and is much further along than a lot of other QBís who will be rated higher in this draft.  I call him Josh (The Viper) Johnson because, like a Viper who adapts to his surroundings, Josh can adapt and play in any style of offense and strike for a TD in the blink of an eye.   
Josh needs to add weight and bulk to his body.  He also will have to prove he can learn an NFL offense and handle a game plan in a stadium full of over 70,000 screaming fans that will hate him if he makes just one little mistake.  Josh will get hit for the first time in his life and will have to get up off the ground and continue to play like nothing is wrong.  This will be a big shock for this kid because he is such a good athlete.  I feel that Josh will handle all of these issues faster than most people think he will handle them. 
The system we use at THR is perfect for a kid like this.  I can rate this kidís talent at what I feel his potential is in the NFL without the worry of where he will be picked in the draft.  I am free of the politics of the draft when profiling a player.  Josh is no further behind in the mental or physical aspects of his position than any other QB in this draft.  That being said, you do have to take into consideration the level he played at and the fact that he has never been hit with the power and force that he will get hit with in the NFL.  It will be a shock to his system; the question is how will it affect him as a future pocket passer?  Josh is as talented and further along mentally than JP Losman was when the Buffalo Bills drafted him in the first round.  The big difference is that with JP, a scout could get a feel for how well he might handle the pressure at the next level because JP was going up against other players who would be drafted by the NFL.  Josh has not done that yet.  Iím just not sure where this kid will go in the draft. Iím sticking my neck out rating him this high, but Josh is the type of player that when you see him play he makes the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  He has the talent, he has the brainsÖdoes he have the guts to stay in the pocket and take the hit or will he start to run too much and never improve his ability to make plays from the pocket?  That is the big question.  My gut tells me Josh (The Viper) Johnson has the guts.