Drew Boylhart March 2008

Justin Forsett   RB   California 



Justin shows good strength and quickness along with excellent quickness  to cut and burst on a dime.  He is a strong runner and has no problems running between the tackles in spite of his size.  Justin has great all around athletic abilities to play more than one position.  He is the type of back that does not need a lot of carries to impact in a game.  He is a match-up nightmare because of his quickness and strength.  He is a good blocker and has strong hands to catch the screen pass out of the backfield.  Justin is a smart player and his value to the team that drafts him is to continue to grow into playing more than one position.        



Justin must not fumble.  To become more valuable to the team that drafts him, he also needs to learn to catch the ball better down the field.  He has the talent -- it just needs to be developed.  If Justin can learn the slot receiver position, then along with his RB skills and his Special Team abilities in the return game, this kid will become very valuable to the team that drafts him.     



Justin learning the slot receiver position will be the key to him impacting at the next level.  With his overall strength, vision and quickness he can become a hell of a player.  However, I cannot emphasize enough that he has to learn that slot receiver position because in the pro's,  just being a change-up back is not going to put him in a good position to impact.  Here is the problem:  every time Justin comes into a game, the opposing team will know that he is going to run a screen play or a running play to the outside.  But if he can stay on the field and line up in different positions, then he all of a sudden becomes a player you have to account for.  He has to learn to catch the ball better down the field and if he does, then he becomes more than a change up RB with special teams skills...he becomes dangerous.  This kid is a strong kid and I do not believe injuries are going to be a big problem in spite of his size.  But not being able to catch the ball down the field and fumbling will make him a bust.  That he needs to improve on and I think he will.