Drew Boylhart April 2008

Justin King   CB   Penn St   



Justin has some really good track star talent.  He has very good size, speed and looks the part of a big time CB for the next level.  Justin has those long legs to stay with the bigger WR's in the league and he has the bulk to use the bump and run techniques as well as to out- muscle WR's off their routes.  He does a solid job in zone coverage although that is not one of his strengths.  Justin likes man to man coverage.  He seems to like the challenge.    



Justin might like man-to-man coverage, but for the next level, he is going to get eaten alive because he doesn't seem to have the lateral agility, anticipation, quickness, instincts and overall football intelligence to man up at the next level.  Because of Justin's excellent athletic talent, I have questions why he isn't much better than he is at this point of his career.  He will not come up in run support, which is a big problem for me.  This kid has also had some off field problems, but nothing that seems to stick.   As far as zone coverage is concerned, I think if he worked at it, he could be a very good.     



Where I grew up, we call guys like Justin "a player".  To me that means that he is a con artist or a kid that is so street smart that he knows how to play with your emotions.  Kids like this know how to twist things in their favor all the time.  Most of the time, these kids are very smart and very talented.  Because of those physical talents and street intelligence they have fooled themselves into thinking that they don't have to work hard to get anything they want and they are right most of the time.  Pac Man Jones is a perfect example of this type of attitude.  He is an extreme case, so he would be the poster boy.  These type of kids are motivated by peer power and ego.  In their minds, they are top dog because of their athletic talent and intelligence, but the way they keep that power is through "being there"  and getting their friends out of trouble.  Now I'll get off my soap box.  Justin has way too much talent not be considered as one of the better CB's in this draft.  But what I see on film is a kid who doesn't want to mess up his good looks by tackling anyone.  He has not improved on his talent during his career at Penn St.  You all know by now that I go by film when it comes to character issues unless the off field issues are of a criminal nature and common knowledge -- not innuendos or unsubstantiated rumors.  So I'm going to stick to Justin's on field football character.  What I see is a kid who has not worked to improve himself as a football player because he thinks the talent he has now is enough.  He thinks that he is smart enough to fool everyone if he runs a fast forty and his workout numbers knock everyone's socks off.  The problem with this thinking is that Justin is right.  Those workout numbers will blind many teams to the type of personality that Justin is and he is smart enough to know that.  It's my opinion that Justin is very interested in being a pro football player, but he's just not that interested in playing football.  Football is just a tool for him to gain respect from his friends.  I know this because if it wasn't, Justin would be considered one of the best CB's in this draft class.  Justin will be drafted and he will make some plays, but in the long run, he will not become the impact player that his talent suggests he could become.  I would not draft Justin and not because of any off field issues that may or may not be true.  I would not draft him because I do not think that playing football and being the best football player that he can be is a priority in his life.  It's just that simple.  The priority in Justin's life is making everyone believe that he wants to be a professional football player and as soon as he is drafted and makes a team, his priority will change and football will take a back seat to Justin's need to be top dog with his friends.   Sorry, but that's what I see and I only hope that Justin proves me wrong because he has excellent talent and intelligence and could be a hell of a player if football is what he really wants.  (Watch out, Drew...here come the emails!)