Drew Boylhart February 2008
Kellen Davis   TE   Michigan St
Kellen looks the part in every way.  He has the size, strength and athleticism to be the best TE in this draft.  He has good hands and is a workout warrior plus.  Kellen looks like there is no way that he could pass a mirror without stopping to gaze upon his body.  He has good balance, strength and knows the correct techniques to block whenever he wants to.   Kellen has first round talent and there is no doubt in my mind that he will show up for the combine and Senior Bowl and fool a lot of coaches into thinking that they can change this kid and make him into a productive player.  My answer to that is: fuhgeddaboutit!
This kid makes me sick!  He is lazy on the field, immature off, and on, the field and in general is just a spoiled lazy wuss.  He has more talent to play at the NFL level than most of the NFL Tight Ends have right now.   He could really be something and he is throwing it all away.  Maybe not being drafted will shock him, but I doubt it. 
I would let someone else fall into the trap of drafting this kid and wait until he grows up.  He is just not worth dealing with and going through the garbage.  He is so lazy when he runs his routes and I blame the Michigan St staff for enabling this kid and playing him when they knew full well that he was dogging it and playing only when he wanted to play.  They are just as much at fault for this kidís behavior as this kid is.  First round talent attached to a brain that will land him in big trouble before it is all said and done.