Drew Boylhart February 2008
Kentwan Balmer   DT   North Carolina
Kentwan is a DT with an excellent size/speed ratio that makes him an intriguing prospect.  He has the potential to be a 1-gap or 2-gap DT that can play in any type of defensive system.  He has the potential to be used inside or outside in a 4-3 defense or a 3-4 defense.  Kentwan has the potential to be the type of D-lineman you can build your defense around because he can rush the passer as well as stop the run.  Unfortunately, he has not come close to reaching that potential as a college player. 
Kentwan is another one of those kinds of players that decided to show up for his senior year, but never showed up in any other years.  He does not fight through double teams and once he engages the offensive lineman in front of him, he quits and does not continue to play.  His techniques are inconsistent and marginal at best.  He shows no leadership skills and does not attempt to make the players around him better.  He has the potential to impact at the next level but, because of his work ethic, I do not believe he will be anything more than a solid DT at the next level.
Iím not suggesting that Kentwan will not be a good player.  I am suggesting that if your team drafts him in the first round thinking that he will be a consistent impact player then they are making a big mistake.  Kentwan has the talent and potential, but does not have the passion or work ethic to become the player that I believe a 1st round player should become.  For me personally, Iím not interested in drafting players who have not shown a good work ethic -- especially in the first round.  Letís look at Sedrick Ellis for a minute and compare him to Kentwan.  Do you really think that both players should be considered as first round players?  Do you really believe that Kentwan, who is bigger and has the same type of talent as Sedrick, is as good a player as Sedrick is?!  If you are suggesting to me that because it has been reported that most scouts are considering Kentwan a late first rounder that it is all right to give Kentwan a first round grade then I have to disagree. Okay, letís look at it this way.  If you had the choice to pick Sedrick Ellis and you needed a DT are you suggesting to me that you would think about trading down to take Kentwan instead because you think he will be as good a player in the NFL as Sedrick?  If you are a scout or a GM and you think a DT with a questionable work ethic is worth picking as even the last player in the first round then I guess there is nothing more for me to say.  Kentwan has the talent to be an impact player; however, in my opinion, until now, has only shown the passion and work ethic to be a good, solid player for the next level.