Drew Boylhart February 2008

Kevin Smith   RB   Central Florida


Kevin has decent size and strength to play his position.  He has good vision and does a solid job at the college level waiting for his blocks.  He has sneaky speed when he gets into the open and runs with a strong stride that makes it hard to wrap him up and bring him down in the open field.  Kevin looks to be an excellent teammate who likes to lead by his effort and productivity on the field.  He likes the physical part of the game and is not afraid to hand out the punishment when he is being tackled.  I think Kevin would be an outstanding special teams player for the team that drafts him. 



Kevin may have Ron Dayne disease.  By that, I mean he might not have quick enough feet to the line of scrimmage to be a RB at the next level.  Iím also not convinced that Kevin will be able to digest an NFL offense as well as some other backs in this draft will be able to do.  He is a good kid, but the offense he was in was a very simple offense and I think he is in for a big shock at the next level.  He also runs high and takes a lot of hits full; at the next level, this can translate into fumbles and injuries unless he can bulk up. 



Kevin has had tremendous production at the college level and looks to be a hell of a good kid, but he has a long way to go to be a RB for the NFL.  Iím not sure how good his hands are and I donít know if he can read defenses and block a blitz.  Add these to the issues I mentioned before and you can see the long road ahead that Kevin has to travel to be a productive and impacting player at the next level.  This does not mean that he cannot accomplish his goals; it just means his LTI is out there somewhere around four or five years -- and thatís if he doesnít get injured in the process.  I really do wish that Kevin could bulk up about 30lbs and become a fullback at the next level.  Thatís a position in which I think he could be more effective.  I do not question this kidís heart, passion and work ethic to succeed at the next level, but I do feel that at the college level that he did not receive the coaching he should have had.  I do not think this kid is ready (football-wise) for the next level.  This is a profile that I hope I am wrong about in every way.  I hope this kid comes into the NFL and shows me and everyone else that he is ready for the NFL.  What happens at the combine will be very important.  Kevin needs to show that he is quicker than he looks.  There is one position that Kevin might excel at and that is as a kick off return specialist and special teams player.  I believe Kevin would make an excellent leader and captain of your special teams.  In my opinion, that is equal to a starting player position on offense or defense.  Letís hope some NFL team sees the same thing I do because this kid is a good kid and I hope he makes it.