Drew  Boylhart  February  2008

Kirk Barton   OG   Ohio St 



Kirk is a very solid RT at the college level that will most likely be moved into the RG position for the NFL level.  He shows excellent mental stamina and has solid athletic skills to block for the run and pass at the RG position.  Kirk is a smart player and understands situational football.  He shows some leadership skills through his consistent play on the field.  Additionally, I think he can be used in a pull-trap system as long as you don't expect him to be your lead pull guard that has to go all the way across the line on an outside sweep.  Kirk should be a solid addition to the team that drafts him and in a pinch could play some RT for you, but his impact position should be a the right guard position at the next level.  



Kirk will improve in all phases of his game because of his metal toughness and work ethic, but he is limited athletically to playing the guard position.  



If Kirk could play the center position, he would be rated much higher; however, I have never seen him play any other position than RT for his college team. Overall, he has done a very good job, but when the speed DE's are up against him, he really struggles.  The guard position at the next level should be the best fit for him, but it will take a little time for him to get up to speed with getting out of his stance quicker.  Once he accomplishes this, I feel Kirk will be a excellent RG for the team that drafts him.  Personally, I would also be looking at working  Kirk out for the center position because, as a long range project, this kid could turn into a hell of a center.  He has excellent talent, is smart and as long as he can learn to snap the ball and get out of his stance, this kid could impact at the center position.  Of course that would have to be decided at his workouts.