Drew Boylhart March 2008

Kory Lichtensteiger   OC   Bowling Green



Kory is a big solid kid with good overall athletic talent.  He could play guard or center and is excellent when blocking for running plays.  Kory does a solid job pass blocking and shows excellent leadership skills.  He has no problems with the shotgun snap.  Kory moves very well for a kid his size.  He has quick feet and balance to go along with strong techniques and mental stamina.  He does a good job when asked to go to the next level and block LB's.  Kory is one of the few centers in this draft that can handle the bull rush.   Kory is very smart -- his intelligence and his ability to make the players around him better are his greatest assets.    



Kory lacks lateral agility, which causes him at times to lose his balance when pass blocking.  He forgets his techniques and can get beat by quick DT's who work out of a 1-gap attack defense.  This will be a problem at the next level which increases his LTI and may be the big reason he will be moved to the guard position.  However, I have faith that Kory, with his intelligence and work ethic, will overcome this problem.       



Kory should be a hell of a guard/center for the team that drafts him.  He can play guard also, but I think his impact position will be at center as soon as he understands how to handle those quick DT's who are in those 1 gap attack defense.  Kory will have to work on his quickness and learn to slide and attack quicker off the snap to stop those types of players.  If he is drafted by a team with a good offensive line coach, this should not be a problem.  Kory will learn because he looks to me like he has an excellent work ethic.  Kory also appears to me like he would be a very good fit in an offensive system like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens use with a power running game.  Any team that likes to set the pass up with a strong running game would be a great fit for Kory's talent.  This is a quality kid with good overall athletic talent; he should be a hell of an offensive lineman for the team that drafts him.