Drew Boylhart February 2008
Lavelle Hawkins   WR   California
Lavelle reminds me a lot of Laveranues Coles (WR New Jersey Jets).  Lavelle is smart with good speed and excellent quickness.  He is very tough and will go up and fight for the ball.  Lavelle is not afraid to go over the middle and make the tough catch.  He is an excellent teammate who knows how to run routes, get separation and will help on special teams the day after you draft him.  Lavelle is a sleeper in this draft of WRís that are in abundance.  I believe before it is all said and done, Lavelle will be considered one of the best out of this draft class.  I call him Lavelle (Slick) Hawkins because he is so slick that you canít cover him one on one until the game is over and he is in the locker room. 
Lavelleís only problem is that he was on a team with another WR who, for some reason, got all the attention.  But Lavelle will be better at the next level than that WR, and will be a better teammate because of it.  Lavelle does need to bulk up, but he looks like his frame can handle it. 
I doubt Lavelle will be picked in the first round because there are so many WRís in this draft and he could get lost in the shuffle.  I believe he has the mental toughness to be a #1 WR to go along with the brains and athletic talent.  He will have to work on building himself up to take the pounding at the next level and that will be the difference in Lavelle being a #1 WR or a #2 WR.  Drafting Lavelle someplace in the first three rounds should be a no brainer, but in this draft, he could drop as far as the fourth round.  If he does, some lucky team is going to get themselves a player that will impact right away on special teams and as a WR.  I suspect that most teams (because of his size) are going to pigeon-hole this kid as a special teams / slot receiver-type of player.  But if your starting WR gets injured and you replace him with Lavelle, you will not get this kid off the field.  Lavelle just knows how to get himself free when you need it the most.  He is like Wes Welker with more speed and quickness.  When Laveranues Coles is healthy, he is one of the most dangerous WRís in the league.  His biggest problem has been injuries and that is the same issue that Lavelle (Slick) Hawkins will have to overcome to be a successful WR for the team that drafts him.