Drew Boylhart February 2008
Leodis McKelvin   CB   Troy

Leodis has outstanding athletic talent and good size to play his position.  He has the natural quick-twitch quickness to go along with excellent needed straight-line speed to become an impact cover CB at the NFL level.  He looks to be a good tackler and is smart.  Leodis also has the ability to impact on special teams in the return game the day after you draft him.  Leodis is the type of CB that will only get better the longer he plays and gains confidence.  He has the talent to be one of the best CBís in this draft if the team that drafts him is patient with him and lets him gain his confidence.  Leodis has the talent and potential to cover all types of receivers at the next level.  
Hands, hands, hands!  Leodis must have better hands to intercept the ball and not fumble on special teams.  This issue will decide if Leodis becomes a good CB who has a lot of break-ups or a great CB who gets turnovers.  Itís just that simple.  Also Leodis is a little shaky in the confidence area.  This might cause him to take longer to develop as a #1 CB for his team. 
Normally I would give a player like Leodis a 2nd round grade because he still has a lot to learn and his confidence is shaky.  But the fact that this kid can come in and impact on special teams while he gains his confidence is a big plus and pushes his LTI into a first round talent grade.  Right now Iím not totally convinced he has the hands to make interceptions that would make him a top CB in the NFL.  He reminds me a lot of Antoine Winfield (CB Minnesota Vikings), only bigger.  Antoine has had a good career but it could have been even better if he had the ability to intercept the ball and gain turnovers for his team.  Leodis can be better than Antoine if he can continues to return kicks and punts at the next level without fumbling and intercept the ball when he is in coverage.  There is no doubt about Leodis athletic talents, but his mental make-up is shaky.  He looks a little squirrelly in coverage.  He takes a lot of false steps when covering one-on-one, his bump and run techniques need to be worked on and he can be intimidated into making mistakes.  That being said, Leodis should be an outstanding CB in the NFL and should move up the charts the more he works out.  So, letís sum this up.  Leodis has the raw talent to be an impact cover corner with strong tackling skills that can also impact on special teams and looks to be of good character.  That equates to a first round talent grade in my book.