Drew Boylhart December 2007
Limas Sweed   WR   Texas

Limas is a tall WR in the same mold of Plaxico Burress (WR Garden State Giants).  He is a very long-legged receiver who, on the short routes, can cover a lot of ground quickly.  He is a match up nightmare for the small CBís inside the red zone and is a big target on slant routes and fade routes in the end zone. Limas looks like he could be a good complimentary WR for a team with a speed receiver and a strong armed QB.  


He just had wrist surgery, but I donít suspect any problems from that.  Of course it has to be checked out at the combine and before the draft.  Iím sure that he is taking this time off to work on his speed for the combine, but he needs to improve his route running because he lacks quickness in and out of his breaks. Right now, he does a lot of pushing off and Iím not sure that will be a positive for the next level. 

Limas has never improved much from the first time I saw him play to the last time that I saw him play.  To me this means that Limas either does not think he needs to improve or what you see is what you get.  Limas doesnít give you anything on special teams so if he doesnít improve his route running for the next level, he will struggle making a team and being productive at the next level.  He must get faster and improve his quickness in and out of his breaks.  He also has to get tougher if he wants to be the type of WR that makes a lot of catches over the middle and in a crowd.  Limas is in for a shock when he gets hit by one of these LBís or Safeties at the next level.  He really hasnít been hit that hard at the college level so Iím not convinced he can stand up to the pounding that he will receive in the NFL!  For a WR who looks to be a ďmove the chainsĒ type of WR, he has to bulk up without losing speed or quickness or he will be on the IR list most of the time.  Right now, Limas is a man playing with boys, but for the first time in his playing career at the next level, he will be a man playing against other men and Iím not convinced that he will be able to handle that.  Everything at the college level is easy for Limas, but it wonít be that way at the next level.  I will bet you that he is lowering his weight and working hard to attempt to improve his straight line speed in the forty for the combine.  I have no doubt he will ďwowĒ a lot of teams with his times.  Personally for me, I see Limas as a kid that will show up for the first and last years of his contract and disappear for the in between years.  When a kid with this much overall talent does not improve from one year to the next, is satisfied and doesnít think he needs to improve until itís time to graduate, it throws up a red flag to me.