Drew Boylhart February 2008
Malcolm Kelly   WR   Oklahoma
Malcolm is a powerful WR with good speed and excellent hands to catch the ball.  He loves the challenge of going over the middle and catching the tough catch.  He does an excellent job of picking up yardage after he catches the ball.  Malcolm is like a tornado when he comes across the middle knocking players out of the way if they are in the path of the route he is running.  He will fight for the ball in the air and has good body control to adjust to the ball in flight and make the difficult catch. 
He is not quick in and out of his breaks and lacks the ability to separate from the CB.  He needs to get stronger without losing speed and he needs to run better routes.  The truth is, all of that really doesnít matter because the way he catches the ball, he doesnít need to separate.  Just throw him the damn ball and he will do the rest. 
Malcolm reminds me of Eric Moulds (former WR Buffalo Bills).  But just like Eric, Malcolm will have to learn tricks most possession receivers have to learn once they are in the league.  The truth is, he will still impact the day after you draft him while he learns.  In a few years, he will be your #1 WR because he wants to be your #1 WR.  He needs to be your #1 WR.  As soon as he learns the tricks of the trade and the QB throwing to him starts to trust him, you will see Malcolm become the focal point of his teamís passing game.  How fast he learns the tricks of the trade is the key.  He will have to learn to run routes precisely and the same way every time.  He will have to learn how to defeat the bump and run against a CB, Safeties or even some LBís.  He will have to get stronger because everybody is going to pound on him.  Right now, he is more physical than his opponents.  At the next level, that will not be the case so he has to get stronger and bigger without losing any speed.  Malcolm will do all of this and as he does, he can be your #2 WR and help on special teams returning kick offs just like Eric did his first few years.  Like I said before, Malcolm really likes going over the middle and making the tough catch and then running after the catch to pick up the extra yardage that breaks a teamís back.  I call him Malcolm (The Tornado) Kelly because of the whirly twirly way he breaks tackles after he catches the ball to pick up those important yards.  If Malcolm wants it bad enough, he should become a big time star in the NFL as soon as he learns the tricks of the trade of a possession receiver.