Drew Boylhart April 2008

Marcus Griffin   S   Texas   



Marcus has a lot of repetitions as a safety for his college team.  He has good size, speed and overall good athletic talent to play his position.  He has solid tackling skills and does a good job playing up close to the line of scrimmage.  Marcus has some coverage skills and does is strong defending in zone coverage as well.  He has the potential to be a solid safety at the next level.    



Marcus is one of the most inconsistent players that I have ever seen and there is no real reason for it.  He has not improved from one year to the next.  My guess is that he doesn't have a very good work ethic and there might be football maturity issues.    



Marcus has the talent -- he just is not concerned with being consistent.  He should be a lot better than he is right now, but he is not and it all comes down to consistency.   He can run, cover and tackle, but he does not play smart.  He makes one great tackle or hit and he is done for the game.  I guess he thinks that he is going to get away with that type of  play at the next level.  If Marcus learns to play smarter and with more consistency, he may be a solid safety for the team that drafts him.  It's all up to him.