Drew Boylhart April 2008

Marcus Harrison   DT   Arkansas   



Marcus has good size and strength to play his position.  He has as much natural athletic talent as anyone in this draft.  He could be a hell of a DT because when he wants to, he can handle double teams as well as push the pocket and rush the passer.  Marcus has 1-gap/2-gap potential to dominate at the next level.    



Do a search on this kid, then watch some film on him.  All I can say is that the NFL should be embarrassed that he was invited to the Senior Bowl and the Combine.  I guess there will always be teams willing to trade character for talent, which is why Marcus was invited to workout.  As far as I'm concerned, you should start praying that your favorite team does not waste a draft choice on this kid.  If his lack of work ethic, injuries and drug arrest are not enough to forego an invitation to the NFL combine, I'm not sure what is. 



I would take this kid off my board completely.  He is a troubled kid and until he decides to straighten out his life by going to rehab, drafting him or having him anywhere near your locker room is an insult to all the hard working players on your team.  In the 2005 draft I suggested -- no, begged -- for someone not to draft Maurice Clarett (RB Ohio St).  The Denver Broncos proceed to draft Maurice with a compensation pick (101) at the end of the third round.  It worked out just fine for them as Maurice did exactly what I profiled him to do (see archives). He did not make it out of training camp.  In fact, there were rumors afterwards that he was walking around camp in practice with some funny water in his personal water bottle that he would not let anybody else touch.  Marcus has the same problems as Maurice Clarett.  The same on field problems and off field problems.  The same problems with authority figures.  The same problem with teammates and locker room issues.  Still, the NFL saw fit to invite him to the Senior Bowl and NFL combine.  If you draft this kid, you are an enabler who is rewarding his past bad behavior.  It's just that simple!  People have suggested to me that Darren McFadden has some character issues because he was in a couple of bar fights and has some children out of wedlock.  Those are stupid issues that a lot of people could get caught up in.  When you do your search of Marcus, compare what he has done to what Darren has done and then tell me that Darren is a problem.  Do I agree with what Darren has done morally?  No, not at all.  But what Darren has done is not criminal.  What Marcus has done is criminal.  Big difference.  The fact that Marcus has been invited to the Senior Bowl and Combine leads me to believe that some clever GM or Coach is going to draft him.  I bet if they do, he does not last the camp.