Drew Boylhart February 2008
Marcus Monk   WR   Arkansas
Marcus is one of the finest WRs in this draft.  He is a big, strong, powerful WR with excellent hands.  He is one of the best blocking WRs in this draft.  Marcus is a total team player and a smart player.  He runs great routes and is not afraid to go over the middle and make the big play.  He does a good job adjusting to the ball when its in the air.  He is a quality receiver that is way under the radar for a number of different reasons; one downside may be that he is another possession WR in this draft that has enormous talent and potential to impact the day after he is drafted.
There are reasons why Marcus is under the radar in this draft.  Marcus is coming off a knee injury and Im not sure if he will be able to work out at the combine.  If he does work out, I suspect his numbers will not show his true athletic abilities.  Marcus has also been on a team that features the run with two of the better RBs in this draft on the same team. 
If Marcus had come out in the 2007 draft as a junior, he would have been considered one of the top receivers in that draft.  In spite of being in an offense that featured its running game more than its passing game, Marcus still set receiving records by his junior year.  I saw Marcus in his junior year as a complete WR with enough speed to go deep and the quickness and intellengence to separate because of the precise routes he runs.  Im not going to downgrade this kid because he had a knee injury, stayed for his senior year and was in a run-oriented offense.  Others will, and believe me, that will be a big mistake.  Marcus is a very smart football player who understands situational football.  He understands how to use his body to shield the CB and he can set up a CB with the best of them so that he can catch the deep ball.  He is a big problem for those smaller DBs to tackle after the catch.  Marcus will fight for the ball when its in the air and a team looking for a #1 WR in this draft would be very smart to focus on Marcus even if he is not all the way back from his knee injury.  Im going to call him Marcus (Knee Jerk) Monk because ever since he injured his knee there has been a knee jerk reaction that this kid is no longer a good WR, which I think is ridiculous.  Out of all the WRs in this class, Marcus just might be the most complete.  Im not going to try and tell you where Marcus is going to be picked in this draft, but I will tell you that he is a sleeper and he has first round talent.  The team that drafts him is going to get themselves a hell of a WR and teammate to build their passing game around.