Drew Boylhart February 2008
Mario Manningham WR Michigan
Mario has some good developmental talents.  He has speed, quickness and looks to be a smart player.  He has strong hands and does a solid job running after the catch.  Heís great at catching the home run ball and likes to let everyone know it.  Mario has the talent that the scouts are looking for to be a successful WR for next level.     
Mario plays when he wants to, is lazy, will not run his routes with any kind of consistency, will not block, refuses to go over the middle and make the hard catch.  These concerns tend to suggest that heís not a good teammate.  He is excellent at missing a block and I suspect that is not because he doesnít have the talent to make the block.  He is small boned and looks like he will have trouble bulking up, but it doesnít matter because he does everything he can to shy away from getting hit anyway.  Mario wants the money, but does not want to work for it.        
Mario has great talent.  He can catch the ball, has good quickness and decent size but this kid just doesnít want it enough.  Itís just that simple!  He can run a hell of a fly pattern and can catch the long ball but the truth is, thatís all he wants to do.   Iím not going to continue to tell you over and over again how his attitude is his biggest downfall; what I will tell you is that I would not draft this kid at all.  Why waste money on a kid with talent that refuses to play to his potential at the college level.  Do you really believe he is going to put out more at the NFL level?  Do you really think that he is saving it all for the team that drafts him?  Do you really think that this kid is going to play better at the NFL level than he did at the college level?  If you do, tell me why!  Do you think it will be because you gave him a ton of money and all of a sudden he has seen the light, will play harder, block better and run every route as good as he can and with consistency?  I donít think so!   Draft him if you want, but if I was an owner in the draft room and my GM was pushing to draft this kid some place in this draft, I would fire that GM right on the spot!