Drew Boylhart January 2008
Mark Bradford   WR   Stanford

Mark has very good size and speed to be a stand-out WR at the NFL level.  He runs great routes and has excellent hands.  He is a very smart player and understands situational football.  Mark will go over the middle and give his body up to make a catch.  He is not flashy and will not look like the best WR on the field during a game, but when the game ends, he will wind up being the best WR that was on the field.  He is a very underrated player in this draft.  Mark is a good blocker and does all the little things that a WR needs to do to become a great WR in the NFL.  He reminds me of Hines Ward (WR Pittsburgh Steelers).  I call him Mark (The Dream) Bradford because I think he will float his way to stardom in the NFL.

Mark needs to work on his quickness and build himself up as do most WRs coming out of college.  I believe he had a foot injury and still is not completely healed from that injury.  Mark is the type of player that plays faster than he times and I know he will work hard to improve in all phases of his game.

Mark is going to be a big-time player for the team that drafts him in the NFL.  He has the talent and athletic ability to have a long career.  Now I know that Mark will not likely be picked very early in this draft.  First of all, he played for Stanford and second, he doesnt have the blazing speed that the coaches, GMs and scouts look for when they are looking for players to pick in the first round.  Give Mark a year with good QB and WR coaches and you are going to see a player as good as Greg Jennings (WR Green Bay Packers) who I profiled as a good bet to be a #1 WR in the NFL (see Huddle Report Archives).  I see players like Mark being overlooked every year because of WRs who are faster.  But speed does not make you a great player and it never will.  Mark understands how to play his position and he understands the little things that make a great player.  I know that Mark will never stop working to make himself a better player, which is the first ingredient you need to be successful at the next level.  Look for Mark to be listed or drafted somewhere in the third or even fourth rounds, but Im telling you no matter what round he is taken in, he has the talent to be a go to, #1 WR and a Pro Bowl player.  Remember:  Mark (The Dream) Bradford -- the name says it all.

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