Drew Boylhart February 2008
Martellus Bennett   TE   Texas A&M
Martellus is a long, lanky TE that has good overall athletic talent.  He does a decent job blocking at the college level and looks to be a solid teammate.  He runs his routes, ummm...oh crap. The truth is, I donít have a clue why this kid is coming out early for the draft.  He is not close to being ready to be productive at the next level.
Iím not sure if Martellus can catch a ball with any kind of consistency down the field.  He doesnít run routes with any kind of authority at all.  His blocking is solid, but he is not strong enough to sustain his blocks at the college level much less in the NFL.  He does an excellent job of keeping his feet moving when he blocks and believe me, that is a big positive.  When he runs his routes, he shows no explosion off the line and no interest in freeing himself up and making a good target for his QB.  I am not convinced by the way this kid plays that he understands the responsibility of his position and how it relates to the whole team concept.  I think he feels because his QB is not very good, that he's free from having to try and improve.  Iím sure this kid is a good kid, but I'm just not sure from his play on the field that he will be any better than a # 2 TE in a two TE offense. 
This boy is still a child in football maturity years.  I know that at this writing that this kid is being pushed as a pretty good TE for the next level.  I donít see it!  Now, I have been wrong before, but from the film I have on him, there is nothing that impresses me except for the fact that when he blocks he keeps his feet moving.  I know the QB for this team is weak, but that has never stopped me from profiling a player for the next level.  A player who has talent will show it.  It will stick out like a sore thumb.  Most of the time when they move this kid around in the passing game, he runs his routes late and doesnít seem to understand what to do.  The few balls that were thrown to him, he did not make much of an effort to go after them and he seems to have hands of stone.  He does seem to give good effort when he blocks but he has very little strength to execute the in-line blocking assignments that will be required of him at the next level.  As far as Iím concerned, this kid is being rated way too high, but let's see what happens after the combine.  Maybe his workouts will shock the hell out of me and make me change my mind.  But something tells me that what I see on the film is going to override anything that he can do at the combine because this kid is not ready for the next level.  Itís just that simple.