Drew Boylhart January 2008
Martin Rucker   TE   Missouri

Martin is a big, tall, lanky TE/WR that all the teams are looking for as a match-up weapon in the red zone.  He has great hands and does a good job running routes.  Heís solid going up and getting the ball and has enough body control to adjust to the ball when it is in the air.  Martin is a tweener type of player for the next level.  He has talent and can be used as a slot receiver in the middle of the field and a WR in the red zone.

Martin thinks he is a WR, but does not have the toughness, quickness or strength to be a possession WR or a pass-catching TE right now.  Martin does not like to block.  In fact, I get the impression he doesnít like to do a lot of the little things that are needed to be a complete TE or a complete WR.  He is a bit of a lightweight, which for his size, is surprising.  Martin also needs an attitude adjustment to accomplish success at the next level.  What I see is a player who thinks he is better than he is, which signals to me that Martin lacks on-field football maturity.  Another problem is that Martin is not going to help much on special teams so when you draft him, you are projecting him to be more than a role player.  I donít see that.

Someone needs to sit this kid down and tell him the facts of life.  He either understands that he needs to get bigger, stronger and tougher for the next level or he will fail.  He is fast enough to be a pass catching TE, but is not tough enough.  He wonít go down and get a ball and he peeks big time when he goes over the middle.  This kid does not like to get hit -- itís just that simple!  He is listed as a TE, but I believe that Martin feels that he is a WR.  The problem is that as a WR, Martin is not quick, or tough, enough for the position.  He will not block, which is a problem at the next level for both positions.  Martin has the talent to play at the next level.  What will hold Martin back is his willingness to work on the little things and to learn that his success at the next level is directly tied to how tough he will be at either position!  He has to learn to go over the middle, catch the ball and take a hit.  The first ingredient that is a ďmust haveĒ for a possession WR or a pass catching TE is physical and mental toughness.  Itís just that simple.  I feel that if Martin hasnít developed the needed toughness in college, he sure as hell is not going to develop it at the next level.