Drew Boylhart December 2007
Matt Flynn   QB   LSU


Matt has good size to play his position.  He has a strong arm and can make all the throws with solid velocity.  He does a great job throwing on the move and moving in the pocket to give himself more time to make a play.  He has good feet and understands how to move in the pocket and pass the ball to make plays rather than tuck the ball and run to make plays.  Matt is starting to show strong leadership skills.  He seems to be the type of QB that likes to lead by example and as his confidence grows in his own play, his leadership skills grow with it.  He does a very good job managing a game plan and understands situational football.  Matts talents translate well to the next level; he has the potential to be a franchise QB for the team that drafts him.


Matt just needs more confidence in his own abilities, which should come with more repetitions.  Hes been held back from being the QB of LSU for no other reason than the coaches made a promise to play another kid ahead of him.  He was never beaten out of his position. 


Im going to tell you right now -- and you can say whatever you want to say:  Matt Flynn will be a better NFL QB than JaMarcus Russell.  There, I said it!  I bet no one will have the guts to say it but me.  He are some reasons I believe this:  Matt is smarter, is more mature, does not have a weight problem, gets rid of the ball quicker, goes through his progressions, does not get locked onto one receiver, has quicker feet in the pocket, throws with more consistent accuracy, is more coachable, and understands that a leader does not lead by being pals with his buddies on the team -- he leads by understanding what the job expects of him.  Matt has gotten better every time I have seen him play.  He has a strong arm and a good overall understanding of what it takes to be a QB.  I consider Matt Ryan (QB Boston College), John David Booty (QB USC) and Matt Flynn as the top QBs in this draft.  There will be a lot of opinions flying around about QBs in this draft, but believe me, these three are the top and the most ready for the next level with the quickest LTI.  A lot of people are going to try and throw Brian Brohm (QB Louisville) and Chad Henne (QB Michigan) into the mix, but the truth is that both of those QBs have a lot of trouble making decisions when there is a big time pass rush coming down on them.  Brian and Chad both panic and lose their accuracy when they have to move their feet.   They might be good solid QBs in the future, but only the two Matts and Booty have the potential to be franchise QBs.