Drew Boylhart February 2008
Matt Forte   RB   Tulane
Matt Forte is the type of kid that you must have on your team to have a successful offense.  He has speed, agility and is a very strong runner.  What impresses me the most about this kid is his intelligence.  He has the agility to be an excellent RB in a zone blocking scheme because he shows natural cut-back instincts and then squares his shoulders to burst through the hole.  He has quick feet and shows good balance in the hole.  He has very good hands to catch the ball and does an excellent job blocking for his QB in blitz situations.  Matt has multiple talents that an offensive coordinator is going to fall in love with.  He is a sleeper pick in this draft. 
Iím not sure why Matt wasnít used in more ways than he was by the Tulane coaches!  I know the kid did have a knee injury and maybe that affected the coaches using him more, but as far as I can see, Matt has no problems from that injury.  It would be nice if Matt was faster, but thatís not going to happen.  Matt will have to get used to the speed when blocking for the blitz which should not be a problem.  The kid is not fancy and he is not flashy, but he is a hell of a talent. 
Matt is not a fast as most of the RBís in this draft, but he is as quick and he is a lot smarter than a lot of them.  He reminds me a little of Dallas Clark (H-back Indianapolis Colts) in the passing game and when he runs, he reminds me of Michael Pittman (RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers).  He is smart and like I said before, can be used in many different ways.  Matt can stay on the field in all situations because he can block, run and catch the ball down the field.  If you are looking for a RB that could do the job on third down running and blocking like a fullback, can catch the ball behind the line of scrimmage and also down the field in the slot like a TE, then you are looking for Matt Forte.  Itís just that simple.  I suspect that because Matt came back with no ill affects from his knee injury that he is a hard worker and has excellent mental toughness.  Iím listing Matt as second round talent because I feel in the running game that this kid is more of a system RB and will not impact consistently in the running game unless he is in a zone blocking scheme.  The truth is that some teams might list him higher and some might list him much lower.  As far as Iím concerned, if you draft this kid in the second round you will never be sorry.  Especially if your offensive line uses a zone blocking scheme for its running plays.  I call him Matt (The Thrill) Forte because if your team drafts him you are in for some big time thrills when he knocks a blitzing LB right on his hind quarters, catches a pass down the seam for a TD or busts a run just to keep the chains moving.