Drew Boylhart January 2008
Matt Ryan   QB   Boston College

Matt has excellent size and arm strength for his position.  He can make all the necessary throws for the next level with great velocity and accuracy.  He is a drop-back style QB that moves very well inside the pocket and makes plays from the pocket.  When he breaks the pocket, he still looks to throw the ball, not to run.  He is the classic drop-back QB that over the years, has had the most success at the NFL level.  Matt is a visible leader on the field and has the respect of his teammates and coaches.  Matt shows the ability to manage a game plan along with the skills to adjust and understand what defenses are trying to do to him as the game is progressing.  Matt Ryan has franchise QB potential for the next level and can fit into any style of offense because of his ability to throw in the pocket and on the move.  Matt Ryan is the real deal, which is why I call him Matt (Real Deal) Ryan.

Matt needs to add a little more bulk to his body so that he can take a hit without getting injured.  He has to stay on the field; in the past, he has had too many injuries.

Matt shows good awareness in the pocket and stands up very well to a pass rush; however, he has shown the tendency to be fragile with injuries that have kept him off the field.  This is not good for a franchise QB for the next level.  If Matt stays healthy, I have no doubt that he will be a top ten player and, in my opinion, should be the first QB taken in this draft.  On my list, Matt is the top rated QB in this draft because of his arm strength, accuracy and his ability to play in any kind of offense.  This makes him a pick for any of the 32 teams that need a QB in this draft.  Matt reminds me a lot of Eli Manning (QB Garden State Giants).  I believe that Matt, in three years, will turn into the same style of QB as Eli.  So all I have to say about Matt is what I said in the 2004 Eli Manning profile when Eli was drafted: ďIf you are a team that needs a franchise QB, donít be a fool.  Donít try to be cute, donít think you can outsmart some other team and wait for him to drop to you. TRADE UP - trade your Mother if you have to.  Believe me, your Mother will be proud!!!!Ē