Drew Boylhart January 2008
Mike Hart   RB   Michigan

At the college level, Mike is a powerful, determined runner.  He has excellent leg strength and good overall stamina.  He has great leadership skills and has been the emotional leader of his team, on and off the field.  Mike does a solid job reading defenses and picking up the blitz.  He is a team player and wants to win.  He makes the players around him better by his play on the field and shows good hands out of the backfield.  Mike reminds me of Tiki Barbara (former RB - Garden State Giants.)

Mike is a system RB.  By that, I mean to impact at the next level he needs to be in the right system.  He is a slashing style RB that doesnít have good lateral agility in the hole.  He is not a finesse, ďmake you missĒ type of running back.  He is a one cut, north and south runner that needs to keep his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage.  Mikeís style of play and his lack of size and bulk makes the possibility of injuries at the next level a main concern for the team that drafts him.  Mike is a power runner who lacks the bulk for the next level to be a power runner, but I think he is worth the chance.


Mike Hartís biggest strength is his leadership skills and his passion to compete and play his best every time he carries the ball.  He is not the biggest RB, but overcomes the size factor with intelligence and passion.  Mike will impact right away in a zone blocking scheme like the Denver Broncos use.  I know he will be a good special teams player and an asset to the team that drafts him in this capacity.  I can see him impacting on punt returns right away.  Mike has first round talent, but most likely will not be picked in the first round and that makes him one of my sleepers in this draft.  If he is picked by the right team and is in the right scheme, he could wind up as the rookie of the year.  But Iím not convinced that most teams are smart enough to realize that.  Most of the time, system players are passed over for more athletic players who can fit any scheme, which is understandable because of the revolving Head Coach situation that is happening in the NFL.  A new head coach will bring in a new system and that new system might not fit Michaelís talents and strengths.  As I said before, Mike reminds me a lot of Tiki Barber.  It took Tiki a while before he became consistent, found the right system and overcame injuries enough to stay on the field.  If Mike is drafted into the right system, all he will have to overcome is the possibility of multiple injuries to become as good as Tiki was.