Drew Boylhart January 2008
Mike Jenkins   CB   South Florida

Mike has excellent athletic talent along with size and speed to play his position.  He shows good quickness to go along with his speed.  He does a great job in man-to-man coverage and shows good intelligence and instincts to play zone coverage also.  Mike does a solid job when called upon to tackle on sweeps.  He shows a great burst to the ball and is excellent when using his hands on the bump and run technique.  Mike has improved every year I have seen him.  He has gotten bigger and stronger and has improved his fundamentals in tackling.  Mike has good potential to be a Pro Bowl CB for the team that drafts him.

Iím not sure how good Mikeís hands are to make an interception and he needs a little more technique work when he turns and runs with a WR.  He seems to have a good work ethic and all in all, I doubt this is going to be a big problem at the next level.  Mike needs to continue to stay away from altercations outside of bars.  This could be a sticking point for some teams.

In this day and age, you need a big CB to play the big WRís.  Mike is just that type of CB.  He is tall and strong with good speed and quickness.  He is smart and shows intelligence along with having a stand-out work ethic.  Mike has done a solid job on special teams and no doubt will be able to help the team that drafts him right away in this regard, as he learns better techniques and gains his confidence.  Every team in the NFL needs a CB like Mike.  Mike is really going to jump up on every oneís board when he works out at the Senior Bowl and combine.  I think he is a lot quicker than most people realize.  I think what I like most about Mikeís game this year is how well he has improved making tackles and defending against the sweep. You canít teach this.  A player has to want to stop that play from happening.  He has to do it because pride makes him
want to do it.  The easiest way to stop the sweep for a CB is to identify the play, get into the back field and turn it in before it has a real chance to swallow you up in the wake of blockers that are a hell of a lot bigger than you will ever be.  Mike has done an excellent job jumping on this play this year and not waiting for it to swallow him up.  I think he realizes that getting into the backfield as quickly as possible and turning this play in for others to make the tackle limits your personal risk of injury.