Drew Boylhart February 2008
Mike Pollack   C   Arizona St
Mike is a smart, solid center who has improved since I last saw him on film.  He is quick off the snap and does a good job in pass blocking situations.  Mike shows on-field leadership skills and looks to be a good teammate.  He exhibits mental stamina, gives solid effort on every play and could play more than one of the interior line positions.  Mike is deceivingly athletic.  This is a kid that should fit a zone blocking offensive line scheme like a hand fits a glove.  It's almost like he was made for that system from birth.
Mike is a systems offensive lineman.  I believe that Mikeís biggest problem is that he lacks the peripheral vision that is needed to be a true center for any style of offense.  He seems surprised when people come at him from different angles.  This throws him off balanced and he gets beat.  When he goes to the second level to block a LB he seems confused, gets blindsided and is taken out of his blocking assignment.  All of these problems will be rectified in a zone blocking scheme.  The truth is, if Mike doesnít have the peripheral vision needed, he has to do more film study and understand all the different possible blitzes and stunts that will be used against him at the next level.  Mike also needs to learn techniques that are needed to handle a nose tackle in the passing game.
Mike could impact right away if the right team drafts him, but for the purposes of this draft, he is a developmental center with strong potential.  I suppose any team using a zone blocking scheme is going to rate Mike much higher than I do, but remember, I have to profile a player -- his talent and his LTI for 32 teams and not just some teams.  He has to get stronger, learn better techniques and learn to anticipate players coming from different angles that he might have to engage.  In summary, he has a lot more to learn about playing the center position at the next level.  That being said, he has great long-range potential and later in this draft, if Iím looking for interior lineman, I would jump all over Mike because of his leadership qualities, mental strength and deceiving athletic talent  as well as his ability to improve from year to year at the college level.  That is his most impressive attribute.