Drew Boylhart February 2008
Oniel Cousins   OT   UTEP
Oniel is a very athletic offensive lineman.  He has good strength, shows balance and is the type of player that keeps improving everytime I see him play.  He has quick feet and is a very consistent player who learns from his mistakes.   Oniel has not yet reached his potential and Iím not sure he understands at this stage of his career how good he can be.  Right now, his potential is unlimited and in a few years this kid might become one of the steals of this draft. 
Oniel has the talent to play the LT position in the future but that future is way out there.  Right now, he is just a good athlete who is better than most of the opposing players.  Sometimes he makes me shake my head with his ability to be fooled, taken advantage of, but then recover.  The kid is like a Picasso in the making. 
 This kid is like a painter who has the pleasure of painting on a blank canvas.   He is just learning this game.  The reason I know that is because of the improvement he shows in every film I watch him in.  It doesnít take a genius to know that he has not played this game for very long and that he has excellent athletic talent and is learning on the job.  Personally, I would draft this kid and move him right to the LT position.  You donít want him to learn another position first and then in the future move him to the LT position because he is so young in his football knowledge that he might feel after a few years that he canít handle the LT position.  He could be a hell of a left guard, but you can always move him inside if he canít handle the outside.  If he does an excellent job on the inside first, then switching him later might not sit well with him personally and that could cause trouble.  As I said before, this kid is just starting to learn this game.  He is like a blank canvas and the coach that gets to work with him first will be the make or break coach for this kid.  Thatís why Iím calling him Oniel (Picasso) Cousins because the kid is like a painting in the making and you have a blank canvas to work with.