Drew Boylhart April 2008

Orlando Scandrick   CB   Boise St   



Orlando reminds me a lot of Asante Samuel (CB Eagles).  He has the same kind of quickness to go along with excellent speed.   Orlando has the athletic talent to be an impact CB for the team that drafts him.  He has great man on man cover skills and seems to handle his responsibilities in zone coverage without too many problems.  He likes a challenge and seems to be bored at his college level of play.    



Because Orlando gets bored, he gets careless.  He is inconsistent and can get beat because he loses concentration.  If he had played with more consistency this past year, I feel he might have been considered as a possible first round pick in this draft.  His tackling this year was much better than last year, but it still is a concern when he supports the run.  Orlando has the talent to be an impact CB; it is all up to him.     



Orlando has to get serious about playing football on every down even if he thinks that he is not going to be involved in a play.  There is nothing wrong with this kid's talent.  He has all the athletic talent -- he's every bit as good as any CB rated in the 1st round of this draft.  It all has to do with consistency and work ethic.  He seems to be a smart player and as far as I can tell, he can play in any kind of defense so the question would be the level of competition and work ethic.  I personally have no problem with the level of competition; therefore, consistency is the key hang up.  I think Orlando has the ability to be a better NFL CB than he was a college CB.  The reason I feel that way is because I think he likes a challenge and will be motivated by money.  Now, before everybody says that being motivated by money is not a good thing, I beg to differ.  We all are motivated by money.  It's just to the degree that money motivates us that is the difference.  Some people want to make as much money as they can and never feel that they make enough!  Others have a number in their heads and as soon as they reach that number, they are no longer motivated.  Some people, once they earn the big pay, feel a responsibility to constantly prove to everyone around them that they deserve that big paycheck.  Now the first person and the last person I talked about are the players who you want on your team.  It's that person in the middle who has a set number in his head -- that's the ones you have to worry about as you may lose them once they reach that number.  That's the free agent that signs with a team in free agency for that big salary and are never heard from again.  I would take a chance on this kid in the third round.  He looks to be a good kid and if money motivates him to do his best, then he is in the right business because the NFL will reward you for good play.  The question in the future will be, would you sign him when he goes to free agency?  Consider this:  you have four or five years to figure it out and in the meantime, I bet you've got yourself a pretty good player.