Drew Boylhart February 2008
Pat Sims   DT   Auburn
Pat has as much pure athletic talent as Sedrick Ellis.  In fact, he might have more because he might be bigger, faster, stronger and quicker.  This kid is an offensive linemanís nightmare.  He is a pure 1 gap DT who could easily play as a 2 gap DT if he wanted.  Pat is a disrupter and he loves to drive into the backfield and make a sack or tackle a RB for a loss.  He is very quick and will run down players from behind when he is on a roll.  He shows excellent change of direction skills.  If youíre a QB who likes to run out of the pocket, you can just fuhgeddaboutit against Pat! 
In the films I have of Pat, I see a BOOM or BUST player.  He seems to be a loner on the field and Iím not sure he even cares what his assignment is because all I see him doing is the same thing on every play.  He just shoots the gap and disrupts or makes the play.  Maybe thatís all the coaches wanted him to do, but this kid has more talent than that.  Right now, Pat is a much better athlete than the players around him and his opponents.  That will not happen at the next level.  Iím not convinced this kid has the work ethic to adjust nor do I think he wants to adjust.  It looks to me that under all that athletic ability, there is a smart kid who lacks respect for just about anybody he comes into contact with.  I just bet this kid is not a practice player!  Practice is for the rest of the team -- not for him.
If Iím wrong about Patís attitude then shame on me, but thatís what is coming through on the film.  I donít think he listens to anybody and he plays when he wants to.  He has top fifteen talent and if I am wrong about him, it would not surprise me at all if some teams list him in their top ten!  This kid reminds me a lot of Sam Adams (DT -- you pick a team).  Sam might have been one of the most talented athletic DTís that I have ever seen.  If Pat feels like working out at the combine, the press is going to go crazy about this kid.  He has that type of athletic talent.  If Pat is sitting there in the second round, I think I would be willing to draft him because spending that type of money on him seems logical to me.   Also, Pat doesnít have any off field issues to my knowledge, he just has on-field issues and a smart coach will know how to deal with that.  Pat will show up for every game; it's just practice that you will have problems with him showing up for.  To me, on field issues with a very talented player are part of dealing with 58 different personalities and if you are a head coach and feel you can deal with Pat, go ahead and draft him.  However, just remember he looks to me like he has a Jekyll and Hyde type of personality.  This kid will take a lot of your personal emotional energy away from the rest of your team so be ready for it.  He is the type of kid that, if Iím right, will be a gypsy just like Sam Adams was going from team to team like a "rent a tackle".  Iím calling him Pat (Hertz) Sims because you might just be renting Pat for a short period of time before he takes his act to another town.  Hopefully, you will get to go to some playoff games or a super bowl before he moves on.