Drew Boylhart April 2008

Patrick Lee   CB   Auburn   



Patrick has excellent overall athletic talent and size to be a very good CB for the team that drafts him.  He does a solid job tackling and he has the ability to intercept the ball and bring it back for some good yardage before he is brought down.  Patrick should be able to handle some special teams duties for you in the return game because he has strong running skills when the play is in front of him.  He should also be able to handle some nickel/dime coverage and red zone coverage situations some time in the first year for the team that drafts him.  



First of all, Patrick is very inconsistent.  That tells me that he does not have a lot of repetitions at his position before this year.  That was confirmed by going to the college web site.  It all adds up because his techniques leave a lot to be desired and because he has so much athletic talent, you would expect him to play better.  He lacks confidence and mistakes bother him; he just needs more time, repetitions and a good coach before anyone can tell you if this kid is going to make it or not.  His LTI for the next level is way out there.       



Patrick will be drafted higher than I have him rated because of his size/speed ratio and the fact he looks like a good kid.  The truth is that Patrick has not played enough for me to rule out his potential for the next level.  The problem I have with Patrick is his mental strength to handle all that is required of a CB at the NFL level and the ability for him to forget mistakes in coverage and move on.   Those are my concerns and I did not see much improvement in Patrick's overall game through the season as I would expect to see with a person of his athletic talent. He played scared and you cannot play scared at the next level.  It will take him at least three to four years to get up to speed of a starting CB in the NFL and by that time, he will be out to free agency and the team that drafts him will not get the full benefit of all the work they will have to put into Patrick's improvement.  Patrick does have potential -- the question is how long will it be for that potential to be realized.  In the fourth round, I would jump all over this kid, but anything higher than the fourth round I think is questionable because Patrick's LTI is long-term and no one knows when, or if, he will reach it.