Drew Boylhart February 2008
Peyton Hillis   FB   Arkansas
Peyton reminds me a lot of Rob Konrad (former FB Miami Dolphins).  He is not as big as Rob was, but he is quicker, faster and just as good a blocker.  He runs with excellent power and in a one back zone-blocking scheme, Peyton is going to surprise a lot of people with his ability to gain yards.  He has good hands out of the backfield and once he adjusts to the NFL speed, he will be an asset in picking up a blitzing LB.  Peyton is the type of player who has multiple talents and can be used on the field in various positions.  He is the type of player that is very hard to replace if he is injured because of his versatility. 
Peyton runs like a fullback, but he has the athletic talent to be a featured RB.  The problem is that Iím not sure Peyton has the patience to learn.  Right now, when he runs, he has that ďblow them upĒ mentality.  He cuts once then goes to find somebody to hit.  Donít get me wrong -- this is not a bad thing, but if you want to be a featured back and stay on the field at the next level, you have to limit the amount of hits you take.  Also at this point Iím not sure how well Peyton can catch the ball down the field.  
I just think that there is more than meets the eye to this kid and that he can be more than your average FB.  He has been on a team that has two excellent RBís and I think his talents have been hidden because of it.  Peyton has feature RB talents but there is a problem.  Iím not sure he has the patience to develop those talents.  He is a multi-dimensional football player and will be a dynamo on special teams, so if youíre thinking that the only chance he has to impact at the next level is to develop his RB skills, youíre mistaken.  Peyton will impact even if he doesnít turn into a feature RB because of his versatility.  That versatility alone will make him a fan favorite and a core player for the team that drafts him.  He is going to be an excellent special teams player and as a FB or third down back, he will be an asset to an offensive system.  Peyton is a sleeper in this draft and if he develops the RB skills that I believe he has, then he will become a big time sleeper for the team that drafts him.  This kid has big time written all over him, so Iím calling him Peyton (Big Time) Hillis.