Drew Boylhart February 2008

Quintin Demps   S   Texas El Paso 



Quintin has what all good safeties must have to be successful at the next level -- intelligence!  He is one of the smartest safeties in this draft.  He has good overall athletic talent to play his position and shows solid cover one on one abilities.  Quintin exhibits great leadership skills and an excellent burst to make a tackle or to intercept the ball.  Because of his intelligence, he could be used in a single safety zone system; however, his impact defense would be a two deep zone system.  Quintin is a bit of a sleeper; if your team drafts this kid, they just drafted a safety that will impact and become a core player of your defense in a few years.    



Quintin needs some technique work and when he receives it, his cover skills should be much better than they are right now.  He has good speed and quickness, but he has to learn to trust his techniques more and not break too quickly looking for the big play.  You will go through some growing pains with Quintin, but if you are patient, the rewards should be many.  



As I said, there is a little work to be done before Quintin becomes the player I believe he will become, but it will be worth it.  He will help on special teams and in nickel-dime situations until he learns what is expected of him as a starting Free Safety in the NFL.  This is one smart kid and when you have a kid with this kind of intelligence and athletic talent, it's just a matter of time before he puts it all together and becomes a hell of a free safety for the team that drafts him