Drew Boylhart February 2008

Ray Rice   RB   Rutgers 



Ray Rice is one of the most intelligent RBís to come out in any draft.  He has a very strong lower body to go along with excellent balance and quick feet in the hole.  He is the only RB in this draft that understands how to set up his blocks for his Offensive lineman.  He has good hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield and down the field with the best of them.  He is great at reading defenses and blocking in blitz pick up.  Ray has the bulk and body type to take the pounding at the next level.  He has the speed, quickness and strength to run in between the tackles and to break it around end when a play breaks down.  Ray will pick his way through a defense like a solder in a minefield and he will not make a mistake.  He is a leader and makes the players around him better.  Ray deserves to be a top ten pick in this draft and, in my book, Ray Rice and Darren McFadden have the same potential to impact at the next level.  



Ray does not need to improve anything.  He just needs to continue to grow as a human being.  He cannot get any taller to satisfy all the experts who want to downgrade him because of his height.  He cannot run any better for those who want to downgrade him for the lack of competition.  I told you about Maurice Jones Drew (see Archives profile) and now Iím telling you about Ray Rice.  If you continue not listen to what I tell you about these players, then you will be left behind just like all the other ďexpertsĒ. 



Ray can play in any style of offense.  He can play in a two back system or a one back system or a spread offense.  He will be powerful when you need him to pick up those tough yards and he can pick up yardage in big chucks and get his team out of a deep hole in its own territory.  Ray Rice is a franchise RB.  The day after you draft him, he will walk onto the field, carry the ball one time and you can bet there will not be one person on that team that will not smile to themselves.  They will smile because they will know that they finally have a franchise RB.  Ray Rice does the grunt work all game long that RBís have to do to be a success in the NFL.  People are going to tell you that Ray is too small, or that he has taken a lot of pounding in college, or he did it against a lower level of competition.  Then they are going to tell you that he doesnít have the speed to take it to the house.  All of this stuff is just crap!  The difference is that Ray knows how to play his position and if he is on a team that has good blockers, the level of competition is a moot point.  Ray knows how, and when, to cut.  He is patient and waits for his blocks.  He runs the sweep the way it is supposed to be run.  He knows when to push the line of scrimmage to flatten out the LBís angle so that his offensive lineman can get into a block and not have to reach and lunge to make their blocks.  There are 2 former NFL Hall of Fame RBís of which Ray reminds me.  Both of these RBís came out with the same nit picking nonsense that I am hearing about Ray.  Thurman Thomas and Emmitt Smith both were considered as not being big enough, lacked speed and took too much of a pounding at the college level.  Both of these RBís had the intelligence and knew how to play the RB position just like Ray does.  Ray will terminate all of the so called negatives that other ďexpertsĒ come up with to downgrade him in this draft.  Thatís why I call him Ray (The Terminator) Rice.  He is relentless and will do anything to destroy your defense all game long because he has all the weapons he needs to do it:  intelligence, heart, work ethic and athletic talent.