Drew Boylhart February 2008
Reggie Smith   CB/S   Oklahoma

Reggie has good size and speed to play his position.  He looks to be a great zone coverage CB with the ability to play more than one position at the NFL level.  He is a good tackler and has solid one-on-one cover skills.  Reggie has some leadership qualities and looks to be a valued teammate.  He shows a strong burst along with solid instincts to be a quality NFL defensive back for the team that drafts him. 
Reggie is coming off a broken toe, which is a very bad injury for a DB to have and to heal from.  He lacked the true quickness to cover all types of receivers for the next level; add this injury and the fact that he most likely would be used more as a safety than a CB leads me to believe that Reggie’s LTI is going to be a little longer than he thinks it will be.  Reggie is smart, but his instincts for the next level will need to be upgraded with a lot of film work and repetitions. 
Most people have Reggie rated higher than I do.  His football maturity and the fact that he will have to change positions, in my opinion, makes his LTI a little longer.  I felt this way about him before he injured his toe.  I feel that Reggie is one of those types of players that came out early because the league told him that he could be picked in the first round of the draft.  The problem is that this was told to him before all the other juniors declared.  Reggie has very good talent, but it is the type of talent that could easily drop him in the draft because, for the next level, he might be more of a safety than a corner.  This is what I mean about a college player believing everything he hears about himself from agents, not analyzing his own game and understanding the reality and politics of the draft.  If he had called me, I would have told him what I’m saying in this profile and at least before he broke his toe, he could have had some honest information to base his decision on.  Look at all the corners that have come out in this draft.  The NFL is going to give every rookie the information they have on them based on the seniors in that draft class.  They are not going to assume any other juniors are coming out when they pass this information on to a junior who is thinking about coming out early.  Since Reggie has declared for the draft there have been over 50 juniors that have declared also.  Out of those juniors about 15 of them should have first round grades?  Add to that the 32 seniors who might have first round grades on them and maybe you can start to see my point.  On top of those things, consider the different opinions of 32 teams of Reggie’s talent and position and you can see very quickly how a player without a true position for the next level who was told that he would be picked in the first round could drop to the later rounds of the draft.  Like I said, Reggie should have contacted me because I’m the only one that would have given him this information and possible scenario before he declared and broke his toe.  If Reggie has no problems with the recovery of his injury then he should be an excellent player for the team that drafts him and those are the real facts!