Drew Boylhart March 2008

Roy Schuening   OG   Oregon St



Roy is a powerful offensive lineman who has been a starter for his college team for the last few years and has a lot of repetitions under his belt.  He exhibits leadership qualities through his play on the field and looks to be a very good teammate.  Roy has been one of the better offensive lineman at the college level, but at the next level, he is going to have to step it up big time.    



Right now, Roy is just a systems right guard for the next level.  His lack of foot speed, lateral agility, quickness out of his stance and overall body strength limits him.  However, if he has a good work ethic like I think he does, then he has the ability to get better and looks to be a good developmental project.  If he can improve on the quickness out of his stance and lateral agility to play a little center, he could be a starting right guard with the potential to back up your starting center -- IF he is drafted by a team that uses a play action run/vertical passing game offense.     



Roy is a systems offensive lineman.  He will need to be drafted by a team that uses a power play action running game to get the full impact of his talents.  Unless Roy can improve his lateral agility and foot speed along with his quickness out of his stance, he is destined to be an average right guard at best.  I believe he has some developmental promise, but drafting Roy in the first three rounds of this draft and then putting him the wrong system is a recipe for failure.  He needs time to develop and putting him on the field too early is not going to help this kid at all.  Give him some time and he could develop into a better than average right guard who might be used as a back up for your starting center.  Roy's strength will always be in blocking for the run.  Roy is not a spread offense or WCO guard; if your team drafts him and has that style of offense, I do not believe that Roy will be on that team's roster for very long.  But I do believe he has the mental stamina and work ethic to compete in the future for a starting position in the right system.