Drew Boylhart January 2008
Sedrick Ellis   DT   USC

Sedrick has excellent quickness and natural strength to play more than one position on the defensive line for the team that drafts him.  His mental strength and stamina could make him a star in his first year at the next level.  Sedrick is a smart player and does not get fooled twice in a game with the same play.  He does a great job rushing the passer and a solid job stuffing the run.  Sedrick puts all his effort into every play and his biggest strength is his athletic ability that will allow the team that drafts him to use him in multiple schemes and positions. 

Sedrick for the next level is a multi-position player who is a little small for the DT position and might not have the pure pass rushing speed to be a DE for the next level.  What you see is what you get physically when you evaluate Sedrick.  He will have to improve at the next level by using good work ethic, brains and instincts.  I have no doubt he will be able to accomplish this.

Sedrick can play in a number of different types of defensive schemes and positions because of his natural athletic talent, quickness and strength.  He could be used as a DE in a 3-4 or a DT in a 4-3 defense.  He is a better fit for the teams that use a 1-gap attack style of defense; however, I believe in a 4-3, 2-gap system, he could be a very good strong side DE.  Now some people are going to suggest that he does not have the body type for that position, but itís not about body type Ė itís about making plays and Sedrick can make plays.  Teams like the Bears, Steelers, Bills, Colts, Giants, Jets, and a number of other teams should have this kid high on their radar screens.  He reminds me a lot of John McCargo (DT Buffalo Bills), who is starting to make plays this year after breaking a foot his rookie year.  Before John broke his foot, he was making plays all over the field.  Sedrick is this type of player that needs a defense that will allow him to use his quickness off the snap of the ball to disrupt.  But trust me, using him as a DE on rushing downs and then moving him inside on passing downs would allow this kid to impact right away.  Sedrick is a leader and the type of player who will play every down; he has the stamina and work ethic to be used as an every down player.