Drew Boylhart February 2008
Shawn Crable   LB   Michigan
Shawn is a tall, lanky LB who has the ability to play standing up and with his hand down.  He has strong enough athletic talent to cover TEís in pass situations and does a good job handling his responsibilities of his position.  He looks like he is a good teammate and shows some leadership skills.  Shawn has played in a big time program and this does mean a lot when looking for players whose LTI could be shorter than those with more talent, but from smaller programs.
As far as Iím concerned, Shawn is a tweener and does not have starting athletic talent for the next level.  He is not fast enough or strong enough to be a DE and doesn't have the athleticism to be a LB.  He also does not seem to play with strong intelligence and is fooled by the same play many times in the same game.  Shawn does not do a good job handling running plays right at him.  For a player who has played as much as Shawn has, he should be much further along in his football maturity.

Shawn should be a solid situational player and maybe help you on special teams, but unless he starts to play with more intelligence, Iím afraid that what you see right now is what you get with Shawn.  He could be a situational pass rusher if he lets his natural burst take over his thought process and, with good coaching, that could happen.  However, remember you're drafting a kid who really hasnít improved from year to year in any aspect of his game.  He seems to have good cover skills and I believe he might help in some nickel-dime situations, but if Shawn does not produce on special teams, it will be hard for him to make a team beyond his first contract.  Shawn looks to be a good kid and if someone can get him to play more intelligently, he could become a solid player.