Drew Boylhart April 2008

Stanford Keglar   LB   Purdue   



Stanford shows excellent athletic talent to play more than one LB position.  In his workouts, he shows great man-on-man coverage skills and because of this, his college team used him as their main coverage person up close to the line of scrimmage.  Stanford has a lot of safety talents and abilities -- more than LB skills, but his size makes you want to keep him as a LB.  He has good instincts when defending against the pass and his coverage is so good that a lot of his teammates benefited from it because he made a lot of QB's double clutch before passing the ball, giving his teammates time to make a sack or create pressure.



Right now, Stanford does not have the LB skills, reactions or instincts needed for the next level.  His team used him as a cover LB and moved him all over the place, which may have stunted his LB learning process.  He is not very good right now against the run because it was not his job.  Stanford looks to be a smart player and a team player, but his LTI is way behind where it should be at this stage of his career.



The athletic talent is first round, but the instincts, reactions, leadership skills and ability to defend against the run are all lacking.  That does not mean that Stanford should not be drafted!  It just means that unless this kid can get up to speed really fast in the areas in which he's lacking skills, it might take Stanford four of five years before he can become productive as a starting LB for the team that drafts him.  This means you are training Stanford for some other team to select in free agency after his first contract is up.   Stanford looks like a smart kid and I'm sure he is a hard worker, but learning on the job in the NFL is very hard to do -- especially if you are learning how to play special teams in the process.   Stanford should be a good quality pick in the latter part of the draft because he should be able to play special teams and help on the coverage units on third down defense.   At some point, I think that Stanford could develop into a pretty good Strong side LB if he can learn the techniques needed to defend against the run.  Players like Stanford are worth the wait because good strong side LB's are hard to find.  Give him a little time and he should be just fine!