Drew Boylhart February 2008

Steve Slaton   RB   West Virginia



Steve is an athletic player that could play more than one position for the team that drafts him.  He is the type of player that does not need to get many repetitions in a game to impact that game.  Steve has the quickness to go along with good speed to become a match up nightmare.  He has strong hands and can catch the ball down the field as well as any WR in this draft.  Steve is a RB who has the speed to sweep around the corner and the vision and lateral agility to run in between the tackles.  He can play in any style of offense.  He plays with a lot of heart to go along with his talent. 



Steve has injury problems and he has a bad habit of fumbling.  The team that drafts him has to look at him as future WR because he is just not mentally tough enough to take the pounding at the next level as a RB.  He is a specialty player and thatís how you should think of him when drafting him. 



I feel that Steve will have to be used as a slot receiver / return man for the first few years in the NFL.  He might turn into a WR later in his career, but to be honest, I would not worry about it.  He has the talent to impact as a return man and a slot receiver so just use him in that way.  He reminds me of Antwaan Randle-El (WR Washington Redskins).  Steve will take some time to learn the slot, but while he learns, he can impact on special teams.  He has to learn to hold onto the ball and not fumble or he will not play very much at all.  Steve has talent, but I donít feel he understands his limitations.  He tries too hard at times to make the big play and this causes him to get injured and sometimes lose the ball.  He wants to impress so much that he loses himself.  He needs to learn situational football -- when to go down, out of bounds or how deep to run his route.  He just needs to settle down and learn the game of football and he will impact.  Right now, he is just a better athlete than most of the players he is up against.  He has a lot to learn and he needs some good coaching.  Give him time and heíll be just fine.