Drew Boylhart April 2008

Tashard Choice   RB   Georgia Tech   



Tashard has good size, speed and quickness to be used as a RB in a zone blocking offensive line scheme.  He is a "one cut and go" type of RB with solid north-south speed and he gets up to full speed very quickly.   He shows excellent leadership skills and looks to be a very hard working player.  Tashard has the speed to score from anywhere on the field on any play.  He reminds me of Tatum Bell (RB Lions).  At this point of his career, he lacks the techniques to be an impact player in any style of offensive scheme, but should be able to impact in a zone blocking scheme.     



Tashard runs high, which causes him to get knocked off balance easily and take some big hits that will cause injuries.  He doesn't show much vision in the hole and does not seem to have very much lateral agility.  Tashard also does not show very good hands to catch the ball out of the backfield.  He gives good effort when he blocks, but he misses a lot of blocks because he is up on his toes and off balance.        



If you run up on your toes going through a hole, you will be knocked off balance and easily tackled almost every single time.  Tashard does not know how to pick his way through the defense and, as soon as he receives the ball, he is up on his toes like a track star who thinks that he is going to score a TD.  The only time a RB should be up on his toes is when everyone is behind you or you are trying to out-run a tackler to a spot on the field for a first down.  Otherwise, you should be crouched like you're sitting on a chair and almost flat footed -- running with power and quickness so that you can use your foot and toes when they are needed to change gears, cut or add a burst.  Tashard is a perfect fit for the zone blocking scheme running game that a lot of teams have gone to in the past few seasons.  It is a cut and go style of running offense that lets RB's like Tashard get up to top speed after one cut.  The problem with this scheme is that if the back side is not blocked correctly then the DE/OLB from the back side (or opposite side of the play) is going right at the RB's knees to make the tackle.  The systems can cause a lot of knee injures to the RB who does not have great vision and cutting abilities.   A good RB with vision and patience can wait for the DE/OLB to come down the line and see him blocked or cut behind the potential tackler.  Players like Tashard just have to go as hard as they can and get through the hole before the DE/OLB can come down the line if he is not blocked correctly.  A good defensive line will disrupt the zone push and cause a hold up; when that happens, the RB has to slow down his attack on the line and then if the DE/OLB  has not been blocked, he has a free shot at the legs of the RB.  Using a FB to make the backside block would solve the problem, but most teams don't carry FB's anymore.  Tashard is a perfect fit for this style of running game; however, for the purposes of the draft, this makes him a systems RB and that means he could go in any round in this draft from the 2nd round  to the 7th round.  If Tashard were better at blocking and catching the ball, he might even be considered a first round talent on some team's boards.  He has the type of athletic talent.