Drew Boylhart March 2008

Terrell Thomas   CB   USC      



Terrell has good size and speed for his position.  He is a smart player and a strong tackler.  He exhibits admirable leadership skills and does a solid job defending the big, tall receivers.  He looks to be a strong cover corner for the next level.  Because of his upper body strength, Terrell will have an easy time matching up against TE's one on one and has the straight line speed to attack RB's coming out of the backfield on passing downs.  With Terrell's solid cover skills on bigger players and straight line speed, I think Terrell would make an excellent cover safety for the team that drafts him.      



Terrell lacks the lateral agility and quick-twitch ability to cover all types of receivers at the next level.  He is a zone cover corner in a two deep zone system, but he will struggle with most man-to-man assignments unless he is moved to the safety position.  He does well with the play in front of him and is a good tackler.  He's had significant injuries over the course of his college career because he times his hits wrong and instead of inflicting punishment, he is taking the punishment.  The kid has guts, but he has to learn not to hesitate before he goes to hit someone.     



I like Terrell's talent, but you have to be concerned about his injuries and the fact that he has not changed his tackling techniques to compensate for those injuries.  Intimidation is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal, especially if you are not a quick corner like Terrell.  However, if you are getting hurt and the guy you are trying to intimidate is not, then it stands to reason that you are doing something wrong.  Rodney Harrelson and John Lynch are intimidators, but do not get injured and are not off the field a lot.  They play hurt, but they do not have a history of injuries that keeps them off the field.  Now, don't get me wrong, Terrell is not the same style of Safety that those two players are, but Terrell should be moved to the safety position because he is not quick enough to be a CB at the next level. Terrell reminds me of Henry Jones, a former safety, who had a pretty good career up in the hinter lands with the Buffalo Bills.  He was a solid cover safety with good leadership skills who just blended in and did a damn good job for his team.  You need players like Terrell because you can't have a team full of just stars.  Someone has to do the dirty work so the stars can shine.  If Terrell can stay on the field, he should be a solid cover safety for the team that drafts him.