Drew Boylhart February 2008
Thomas Brown   RB   Georgia
Thomas is a fast, shifty, quick RB with good balance and strength.  He is a strong blocker and plays bigger than his size because of his bulk and intelligence.  Thomas reminds me a lot of Darren Sproles (RB San Diego Chargers).  He has the strength and power to get the tough yards between the tackles as well as the speed to turn the corner.  Thomas runs with excellent vision in the hole and if you donít tackle him at the line of scrimmage, you run the risk of looking at his numbers all the way down the field as he scores a TD.  He is a very underrated back who has good hands out of the backfield as well as down the field.  Thomas will be able to help your offense at multiple positions with not a lot of touches and will impact for the team that drafts him right away. 
Thomas will always have the injury issue question hung on him because of his size. All he has to do is stay injury free and he will shut those critics up real fast. 
Thomas is an impact player because of his unique size, speed, strength and athletic talents.  He is a match-up nightmare, which is what makes him so valuable to the team that drafts him.  He is too fast for the LBís and Safeties and too strong for the CBís.  He is so quick between the tackles that DTís will not be able to shed quickly enough to make a tackle.  He is a little bit stronger when he runs the ball than Darren Sproles, but heís not as strong as Maurice Jones Drew (RB Jacksonville Jaguars).  Thomas will help a team the day after they draft him because of his multiple talents and his ability to play more than one position, which is all you can ask for when you draft a player.  In this draft, with so many RBís, it is very hard to say in what round Thomas will be drafted.  I can tell you this, the team that drafts him will be very happy they did and the fans will be happier.