Drew  Boylhart  February  2008

Thomas DeCoud   FS   California 



Thomas has very good size and speed to play his position.  He is a solid tackler with the athletic talent to play corner inside the red zone on those taller receivers that all the teams have.  Thomas has marked quickness to go along with his speed and could play in a single safety system very easily.  He can impact on special teams as a return man as well as at the gunner position being the first player down the field to make a tackle.  Thomas looks to be a great teammate and shows some leadership skills through his playmaking abilities on the field.  Thomas should become a core player for the team that drafts him and an impact player on special teams.  



Thomas struggles to make impact plays at the free safety position.  He doesn't have very many turnovers, but I think it's just a matter of him gaining confidence and learning when to take calculated chances before the turnovers become a consistent part of this kid's game.  Some kids just need the right coach to set their minds free; I think that is the case with Thomas.



I like the talent, but right now the talent and the position are not in fung shei so to speak.  Or, not in harmony or copasetic or any other word you can come up with to describe that Thomas is trying to do more than the job calls for.  As soon as Thomas calms down and learns the responsibilities of his position, all will be well for the team that drafts him.  Thomas, in the meantime, will be a big help on special teams and  should be able to impact in nickel-dime situations until he learns what his position requires of him.  Thomas just has to get more repetitions as a free safety and all should be well.