Drew Boylhart April 2008

Todd Blythe   WR   Iowa St   



Todd is another one of those tall, sure-handed WR's.  He has good speed and agility and shows excellent leadership skills.  Todd reminds me a lot of Ed McCaffrey (former WR Denver Broncos).  He is the type of WR who excels against zone coverage because he reads defenses on the run like a QB.  If he is on the same page as the QB on a third down play, you will not be able to defend this kid.  Todd is a player who understands situational football and the importance of doing what is needed of him to keep the chains moving.  This type of attitude is becoming a lost art in the NFL.  There is a lot of talent to work with here and Todd is just the type of kid (as a coach) you will not be sorry you put the time in to make him a better player.  Todd has the potential to become a core player and fan favorite for the team that drafts him.    



Todd has to get stronger.  He has excellent hands, but his arms and upper body strength has to get better for him to stay on the field and become more than a situational WR.  He has to be able to play some special teams, also.  If he shows better blocking skills on special teams and on running plays, he may become more than just a 3rd or 4th WR.  




There is a lot of talent to work with here because Todd wants the ball when it is in the air and he has good hands.  Drew Bennett (WR St Louis Rams) is another example of a WR with the type of talent Todd currently shows for the next leve.  This is the style WR that can become a QB's best friend and because of his intelligence, he will learn to become more than just a zone WR.  Todd has that attitude that when the ball is in the air -- it is his ball.  That's the type of WR I want on my team.  You can keep your 4.3 guys who don't run all the routes and have shaky hands.  I will take a player like Todd who will run all the routes, catch all the balls thrown to him and somehow, at the most important time of a game, is able to go deep even though he only has 4.6 speed.  According to everyone else, WR's like Todd need a crutch to get around on the field because of all the other players around him that have 4.3 speed.  I guess my point is, to have a successful passing game, you need both styles of players.  Just like baseball,  you need a good singles/doubles guy that can get on base no matter what.  His job is to get on base for the homerun hitter to have more of an impact when he hits a home run.  Todd is your singles/doubles hitter so that your 4.3 guy can have more of an impact when he catches the long ball.  I'm calling him Todd (Hawk) Blythe because like the red tailed hawk, he may take off a little slow, but once he sees something he wants, Todd will make a quick, fast strike --and will rarely miss the the catch.