Drew Boylhart February 2008
Tracy Porter   CB   Indiana
Tracy has decent size and strength for the CB position.  He has good speed and looks to have the quickness that is needed to play man-to-man at the next level.  Tracy has excellent special teams skills and likes to make the big play.  He does a solid job in zone coverage and looks like he is a smart player and learns quickly.  Tracy has a lot of talent to deal with and could be a steal in this draft. 
The biggest problem I see with Tracy being able to play at the next level is his consistency in tackling.  He must get stronger without losing his quickness and he has to learn to tackle better.  Tracy has the tools to be an excellent CB at the next level if he corrects these problems.  Iím not convinced that he can correct the tackling problem. 
Tackling is an attitude.  It is hard to become a good tackler if you are not a good tackler at the college level.  Stewart Schweigart (FS Oakland Raiders) had this problem in college -- I told everyone about it and no one believed me.  Now the rumbling in Raider town is that they are looking to upgrade the Free Safety position.  A CB can get away for awhile if he is not a good tackler.  But for NFL coaches, itís like an alligator sitting quietly in camouflage on the banks of a river, smelling and stalking its prey just waiting for the right time to strike.  It is just a matter of time before they run sweeps, match up RBís or TEís or big WRís against that corner.  Sometimes they will even use a H-Back out wide or flood that CBís zone just because they know he will react slowly when he goes to make a tackle and the offense can gain RAC yardage.  When you have a corner that is not a good tackler, you have to shade your safety to his side on all passing downs and guess what that does for your opponentís offense?  Thatís right -- it opens up the middle of the field.  I would rather take a slower CB who is a sure tackler than a faster CB who is not a good tackler.  I can always play zone with the slower CB.  If this kid can straighten out this problem, he will be a hell of a CB at the next level.  Itís up to him, but I have seen him do the Stewart Schweigart flying duck routine (see archives) and I just have a hard time thinking that it will not be a problem at the next level.  The real reason why Deion Sanders was allowed to go from team to team in free agency was not because he was a pain in the ass for the coaches.  It was because he was a lousy tackler and every defensive coordinator thought they could get him to tackle once he was on their team.  They found out that wasnít the case.  Believe me, if Sanders had been a good tackler, they would have put up with the other crap.  For some strange reason, I like all my defensive players to be good tacklers.  I donít know why, but I just doÖgo figure!